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The Worlds Most Complete Mushroom Complex

Viit Mushroom Supplement - 10x Super Mushroom Complex

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Viit Mushroom is rated as one of the highest quality and most complete mushroom supplement available. 10x 

Let's get into why; Viit uses diverse compounds from a variety of intesively researched and highly effective mushrooms that accelerate mental profiency and aid digestion, health and wellbeing. 


Viit Mushroom Complex Ingredients

Cordyceps -
Reishi -
Shiitake -
Lions Mane -
Maitake -
Turkey Tail
Chaga -
Royal Sun -
White Button Mushroom -
Black Fungus -

Supplement Facts

mushroom supplement facts

Directions (How to Use)

Take two (2) capsules daily.

Scientific References

"Clean. Natural. Highly Effective."

We're happy to have been rated as best mushroom supplement 2022 by!

  • High Doses

    Our mycelial biomass complex uses high doses to ensure maximum effect on both energy, mental and athletic performance as well as health and immunity.

  • 10X Formulation

    We've trawled the studies and globe to select 10 mushrooms that have wide ranging but highly concentrated compounds and a multitude of botanical adaptogens.

  • Daily Capsules and Quick Effects

    We've kept our formula in easy to swall and fast to absorb capsules, so there is no time wasted and you feel the multitude of benefits faster than with any alternative.

The Worlds Most Complete Mushroom Supplement

1000's of species of mushrooms exist globally. And out of these identified species, only a handful have the power to improve mental performance. Viit Mushrooms is your key to harnessing that power.

  • cGMP Approved Faclilites

  • Shipped and Made in the USA

  • Vegetarian Capsules